Prof. Dr. med. Charles WANG
Chief Consultant Physician

Charles Wang (Chinese: 王志伟; pinyin: Wáng Zhìwěi) is a leading figure in the merging of traditional Chinese and Western medicine in medical therapy.

Wang studied Western medicine at the Shanghai Second Medical University, graduating in 1986. Afterwards he entered the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where he earned a Masters in TCM in 1988. Having finished his studies, Wang's first few years as a medical practitioner were spent serving as a resident and then as an endocrinologist and a specialist of Chinese medicine at Shanghai's renowned Ruijin Hospital.

In 1995, Wang briefly left the medical field to study at the University of New Hampshire School of Law, where he earned an LL.M.

Much of Wang's most important work is with foreign clientele and organizations, particularly those in Europe, where his expertise in medicine and law is highly regarded. In 2000, he was the co-chairman of the Asia-Europe Workshop of Copyright Trading for Book Publishers. In 2002, he was entrusted by EU-China to carry out the enforcement programs of Intellectual property at the Provincial level in China. In 2006, he was served as the general counsel for Beijing Olympic Broadcasting Co., In 2012, Wang has served as a penalist for the Asia-Europe Foundation's programs for pandemic preparedness. In 2000, he was named a "Personnalité d’Avenir" (Personality of the Future) by the French Foreign Ministry, and in 2015 he was featured in a CCTV International French special entitled "China-France: 50 Witnesses in 50 Years" — a program celebrating the 50 anniversary of China-France diplomatic relationship organized by the Minister of Forign Affaires of the two countries which also aired on France's TV5Monde. Since 2013, Wang also serves as the physician in China for the German airline Lufthansa, and has been recognized by the Pudong district government in Shanghai for his legal work representing foreign-owned firms such as the Coca-Cola Pacific Group.

In 2012, Wang opened the WZW Medical Clinic, which has since become one of the top private clinics in Shanghai. The Clinic is well-known for its unique medicinal herbal products based on Dr. WANG’s formulae. Many of them are very popular home and abroad.

Here is the Interview of Prof. Dr. Charles WANG by the CCTV & French TV-5(Monde)

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Council of Experts

Prof. Dr. Charles WANG
President, Chief Consultant Physician, The WZW Medical Clinic

Prof. Dr. Zheng Min Hua
Professor of Surgery, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital

Prof. Dr. ZHU Xiong Zeng
Professor of Pathology, Shanghai Cancer Center

Prof. Dr. ZHANG Shu
Gastroenterologist, Director of Gastroenterology, Shanghai Jin Shan Hospital

Prof. Dr. FANG Wen Qiang
Radiologist, Director of Radiology, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital

Prof. Dr. WANG Yi
Director of Orthopedic, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital

Prof. Dr. ZHANG Wen
Director of Internal medicine, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital

Prof. Dr. GE Jian
Director of Ophthalmology, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital

Dr. SHEN Xin
, Shanghai Ruijing Hospital




Prof. Dr. med. Charles WANG
Médecin consultant

Médecin-chef de la clinique médicale WZW; Experts, Réseau de Santé Publique d'Asie-Europe pour les pandémies; Médecin pour Lufthansa German Airlines; Personnalité d’Avenir, France; Membre du Conseil, China National Health Inspection Association ; Membre du Conseil, Association Internationale de la Culture de Shanghai; Membre, la Conférence Consultative Politique du Peuple Chinois, Shanghai Pudong Branch.

Dr. WANG est diplômé de la première classe Français de l’Université Médecale No. 2 de Shanghai en 1986 (aujourd'hui, l'école médicale de l'Université Jiao-Tong) où il a étudié toutes les matériel médicals et les sciences de la santé en Français sous la direction des professeurs de la Faculté de Médecine de l’Université Paris Descartes et Paris Diderot et a terminé sa résidence en Hôpital Ruijin de Shanghai en 1990. Son intérêt pour la culture et la civilisation chinoise l'a amené à l'étude de la médecine traditionnelle Chinoise à l'Université de Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise de Shanghai. Il a obtenu le diplôme en médecine intégrée de clinique. Apres, Dr. WANG est retourné à l'Hôpital Ruijin et spécialisé en endocrinologie. Il a également travaillé dans différents services médicaux de l'hôpital tels que la cardiologie, gastro-entérologie, hématologie, l'extraordinaire Ward pour cadres aussi bien le médecin responsable du centre d'urgence.

Ici, c' est, l'Interview of Prof. Dr. Charles WANG par la CCTV & France TV-5(Monde)

Maintenant, Dr WANG travaille comme médecin consultant par rendez-vous seulement.

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Conseil d'Experts

Prof. Dr. Charles WANG
Président, Médecin consultant, la clinique médicale WZW

Prof. Dr. Zheng Min Hua,
Professeur de Chirurgie, Vice-président de l'Hôpital Ruijin à Shanghai

Prof. Dr. Lu Yi Ming,
Directeur du Centre d’Urgences, l'Hôpital Ruijin à Shanghai

Prof. Dr. Zhang Shu,
Gastro-entérologue, Directeur de Gastro-entérologie, Shanghai Jin Shan

Prof. Dr. Fang Wen Qiang,
Radiologue, Directeur de la Radiologie, l'Hôpital Ruijin à Shanghai

Dr. Wang Yi,
Directeur du Department de l’Ostéologie de l'Hôpital Ruijin