Case Reports: Patients treated with WZW formulae - the original formulae developed by Dr. WANG

Dr. WANG has developed over time more than 50 all-natural herbal formulaefor various diseases and conditions. Among them, the QQW, YYW, KHW, JSW, JMW, HGW, ZSW, QFW, RFW, YXW have become the 10 most popular ones. Besides, the following are some examples of the cases that were treated and cured by Dr. WANG's formulae:

1. Headache (Hypertension)

Mr. D from Hubei, age 42, who has been suffering from Hypertension. However, when the blood pressure is higher than normal, he feels all right. When the blood pressure is back to normal, he starts to have the severe headache. Therefore, he cannot take any anti-hypertension treatment. He has been seeking for medical help in many ciities in China and gets nothing. Finally, he came to WZW clinic through the recommendation of of of his friends. Dr. WANG treated him for 2 weeks with his herbal formulae and headache is still there. Then, Dr. WANG adjusted a little the formulae according to his reaction for another 2 weeks, his headache is gone.

2. Epilepsy

Ms. L from Shanghai, age 34, who has suffered from severe Epilespy and has 4 seizures a week. She has treated by both western medical and TCM herbals, acupunctures, etc. but has no effect. Finally came to WZW clinic through recommendation, Dr. WANG treated her with formulae of herbal tea. After taking this tea, the seizure stopped and then she continued by taking the YXW and JSW by Dr. WANG and never had seizures afterwards.

3. Hepatitis B

Mr. C from Shanghai, age 36, suffering from severe jaundice. He consulted several Chinese doctors and an American doctor, the American doctor doubted that he is suffering from Gilbert Syndrome, which is genetic, and there is no cure in modern medicine. Then, he was referred to WZW Clinic. After careful examination, Dr. WANG diagnosed him with hepatities type B. After two weeks treatment with Dr. WANG's formulae, the jaundice disapered. Dr. WANG conitnued to treat him for another three months, his hepatic function is all back to normal. Then, he continued the treatment for more than one year in order to block the early signs of hepatic cirrhosis.

4. Tinnitus

Dr. S from Germany, age 68, because of otitis and other dissases in early years, his one ear has lost hearing capacity with murmurs for about 12 years before coming to Dr. WANG. Dr. WANG treated him with his origianl formulae. After one month treatment, his is cleared of murmurs and the hearing capacity recoverd 50%.

5. ALS

Dr. T from Germany, age 52, has suffered from ALS for 3 years and he is on wheelcair. He has tried many latest treatment as well as acupuncture but has no effect and his situation was from bad to worse. He came to Dr. WANG through the recommendation of a friend. After 1 month treatment by Dr. WANG's formulae, he could move his fingers, and after another month treatment, his legs could do 10KG weight bearing excise for 50 times witnessed by 2 pyhsical therapist. The herbal treatment has rebuilt his confidence.

6. Coronary disease, Angina pectoris

Mr. L from Shanghai, age 55, feel chest pain and tightness and radiated to back. Angiography show that a part of blood vessels was blocked. He was treated with Dr. WANG's original formulae. After 2 weeks treatment, the symptomes despered and he continued the treatment for several months and felt very well.

7. Insomnia

Miss. J, from US, age 36, suffered from Depression and Insomnia for a long time and has to take sleeping pills everyday. After starting the treatment with Dr. WANG's formulae for 2 weeks, her sleep quality got much better.

8. Chronic Gastritis

Miss. Z from Shanghai, age 68, had cholecystectomy about ten years ago and recently she always feels nausea and burning. Gastriscope shows Chronic Atrophic Gastritis with Intestinal Metaplasia and positive Helicobacter Pylori. She came to WZW Clinic through the recommendation of friend, and Dr. WANG treated her with the YZW, twice a day and 10 pills each time. Two days after the treatment, her sympotomes are gone.

9. Night sweat, Insomnia

Mr. W from Shanghai, age 39, suffered from night sweat and Insomnia. Dr. WANG treated him with the JSW and YYW toghether with herbal tea. After 2 weeks treatment, the sympotomes is gone and his sleeping quality is much better.

10. Renal calculus, with Hydronephrosis

Mr. Y from Shanghai, diagnosed with Renal calculus (12mm), with Hydronephrosis. He refused to have surgical intervention and came to Dr. WANG through the recommendation of a friend. Dr. WANG treated him with herbal tea. After one month treatment, the stone disapered. Then, Dr. WANG gave him the KHW in order to balance his internal metabolism and prevent the formation of stones.

11. Eczema

Mr. D from US, suffered from systemic papules. Because of recurrent attacks, his skin getting cracked and keratinized. Lesion is all over his body. He was diagnosed with Eczema in other hospital and came to WZW Clinic when other hospital failed to cure him. Dr. WANG treated him for about one month and the skin lesion stopped. Two month later, his skin cleaned up again.

12. Allergy

Mr. Y from Shanghai, suffered from severe alcohol allergy. Each time when he drink alcohol. his skin would be red and swallen. He came to WZW Clinic throuth the recommendation of friend. After two weeks treatment with Dr. WANG's herbal tea, the symptomes disapeared. Later on, when he drink alcohol, he is no longer suffering from skin problem ever since.

13. Asthma

Mr. Z, from Shanghai, age 36, suffering from Asthma at midnight during the course of common cold. He came to WZW Clinic the following day, Dr. WANG treated him with QQW and JSW. After one day treatment, his breath is back to normal. Dr. WANG has treated various allergic diseases with his original formulae and received very satisfied result.

14. Two cases treated by herbal pate

Herbal pate is one of TCM’s popular forms. It has the function to recuperate and repair the body, also to cure diseases. Here are two examples: 1) Some year ago, Mr. W, from Shanghai, age 65, felt that he was losing weight quickly in a short time period. After a thorough physical examination, there is no clinical findings. He came to WZW Clinic through the recommendation of friends. Since it was in winter and Dr. WANG gave him two pots of herbal pate. Next spring, he came to WZW Clinic again with great thanks. 2) Mr. G, from Shanghai, age 12, suffered from asthma from his childhood. It would be broken out several times every year. When it broke out, he will be taken to emergency room by ambulance. Under his grandma’s entrust, Dr. WANG give him a pot of herbal pate, and then his asthma has not been broken out again ever since.

15. STD

Mr. R, from Netherlands, suffered from STD in the early time, which was controlled by antibiotics. Recent years, his urethral canal became narrower. Although He had several dilatation operation of urethral canal, but it didn’t help a lot. Through the recommendation of friends, he came to WZW Clinic.  After starting the treatment with Dr. WANG’s formulae for less than one month, the urethral canal is no longer obstructed.

16. Scrotal hydrocele

Mr. D, from Shanghai, age 4, suffered from the ache and swell of scrotum. Because he is still a child, their parent didn’t like to have an operation. This child was treated with Dr. WANG’s original formulae. After one month, he didn’t feel the pain and the swell became much smaller. Dr. WANG kept using YGW for weeks and the child’s symptoms was disappeared.

(......To be continued)

﹡ WZW criteria for choosing herbs: 1) we only choose the herbs that have been used in China for more than hundred years without toxic effects; 2) we only choose the herbs that have been proved non-toxic by modern scientific research; 3) we only choose herbs that have grow under environment friendly condition.